• Behavioral problems, diagnosis, treatment, management, etiology:
 o Toddlers
▪ Oppositional defiant disorder
▪ Conduct Disorder
▪ School testing for early intervention explained
 o Adolescents
▪ Suicide
▪ Homicide
▪ Drug use
▪ Gangs
▪ Self harm
▫ Cutting, burning, tattoos, piercings, cosmetic surgery

• Family conflicts/family therapy
 o Divorce, separations, adoption (reactive attachment), same sex parents

• Developmental delay
 o Speech
 o Motor skills
 o Schooling/placement/early intervention
 o Associated diet/nutrition with behavior

• Learning disability
 o ADHD/ADD controversies
 o Diagnosis, Medications, treatment, future?

• Autism/Pervasive developmental disorder
 o Diagnosis
 o Therapy
 o Medications and future treatment
 o Controversy, links to vaccinations, antibodies, meds?

• Tourettes disorder

• Tic disorder/movement disorders

• Lymes disease in children/behavioral neurological consequences

• Cerebral Palsy

• IQ; What does it mean?? Testing explained.

• Obsessive Compulsive disorder

• Drug use/rehabilitation/interventions
 o New illicit drugs (parents don’t know)
▪ Synthetic marijuanas
▪ OTC meds, “home made drugs”(robitussin, benadryl)
▪ Salvia/herbs
▪ Bath salts
▪ Ecstacy/PCP/DMT
 o Opiate epidemic : Mom’s pain killers
 o Stimulants, alcohol, tobacco, psychedelics and psychosis
 o Legalization Marijuana; implications forchildren
 o Marijuana or psilocybin for mental health (anxiety/depression)
 o MDMA (Ecstacy for depression) clinical trials

• Medicating children with behavioral problems…trials and tribulations

• Bipolar disorder diagnosis/manic depression
 o Diagnosis/Treatment/etiology/research

• Children with psychosis
 o Diagnosis/Treatment/etiology/research

• Sociopathic children
 o Oppositional defiance
 o Conduct disorder
 o Juvenile corrections system
 o Cruelty to animals
 o Bed wetting
 o Defiant behavior

• Guns and children
 o Violence/shootings/Virginia tech, Columbine, Connecticut
 o Video games link? Research, controversy.

• Pregnancy
 o Fetal alcohol syndrome
 o Maternal drug use/rehab/treatment
 o Maternal mental health
 o Genetics of mental health problems
 o Post partum depression
 o Mother child psychology/bonding/modeling
 o Breast feeding
 o Intrauterine imaging autism link
 o Maternal SSRI use

• Psychiatric emergencies!
 o Violence, bullying, homicide, suicide, psychosis, panic attacks, mania, domestic violence, depression in teens
• Medication management for psychiatric problems
 o SSRIs, mood stabilzers, antipsychotics,
 o Non pharmacological
▪ Omega 3
▪ Folate
▪ Gluten allergies

• Interventions/surgical/procedural
 o Electro shock therapy
 o Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation
 o Vagus nerve stimulations-implants
 o Deep brain stimulation
 o Genetic testing for mental disorders and treatment
 o Future research

• Parenting skills, coaching
• Internet use among teens/children
 o Texting, smart phones and technology implications on our kids
• Head trauma, Concussion and sports, related neurodevelopmental consequences.